Connect Your Stripe Account

Connect Your Stripe Account

Scheduling appointments with a fee is now possible through Stripe.
  1. Go to My Profile
  2. Select Accept Payments
  3. Enter your Stripe Publishable and Secret keys - click here to find your keys
  4. Click Save
You can disconnect from your Stripe account at any time by clicking the Clear button.

Need a Stripe account?  Click here to register.

How to Apply Payments to Appointments
Once your Stripe account is connected, you will now have access to a new Fees field when creating New or Existing appointments.
  1. Go to your Calendar
  2. Click New Appointment
  3. Add your Patient as a participant and note the new Fees column to the right.
  4. Add the amount you wish to bill
  5. Click Schedule
Your patient will receive a new email invitation along with details about their Invoice.

Next time your patient signs in, they can make their payment by clicking Pay Now and entering their credit card number.

Fee amounts are limited to a maximum of $999.99, per session.  Anything above that amount, please bill directly from your Stripe account or choose another form of invoice option.
Payment Settings are only available to the Clinic Admin.  Once connected, all appointment payments will go to the connected Stripe account for the entire Clinic.
You may remove permissions from a Staff member if you don't want them to schedule appointments with fees.

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