Getting Started Guides - HIPAA Video

Getting Started Guides - HIPAA Video

UPDATED AS OF 8/16/2020

Download and share our Getting Started guides to help you and your practice with step-by-step instructions on how to use HIPAA Video.

We offer individual guides for each type of User:  ClinicAdmins (Account Owners), Patients, Providers, and Assistants.

Click the attachment(s) below to download and view our Guides.
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    • I'm a Provider/Assistant, but my login says I'm a Patient

      It's okay, accidents happen sometimes!  In this scenario, you signed up for a FREE Trial of HIPAA Video as a Patient, instead of signing in as a Provider or Assistant. The solution is to choose the correct Profile when you sign-in. Change Profile ...
    • How does a Patient change their preferred method of two-step authentication?

      A Patient can change their two-step authentication method by signing into their HIPAA Video account and navigating to the My Profile page.  Once in the My Profile settings, click the SECURITY tab on the left-hand navigation bar.  From here, the ...
    • Does HIPAA Video accept reports of HIPAA violations?

      HIPAA Video is a HIPAA compliant and user-friendly video solution for healthcare professionals who wish to provide telehealth services to their patients. We do not offer legal advice or accept reports of HIPAA violations.   If you have a complaint or ...
    • How does a Patient test their audio / video?

      Patients can test their audio and video connection prior to joining a video session by logging in their HIPAA VIdeo account and navigating the Lobby.  Once in the Lobby, the Patient will click the audio / video settings button located near the bottom ...
    • How is a Patient notified of a scheduled Appointment?

      When an Appointment is scheduled for a Patient, an email notification from HIPAA Video will be sent to the Patient's email address on file.  The Patient will then click the View Appointment Details button in the email where they will be redirected to ...