How do I edit a patient appointment?

How do I edit a patient appointment?

To edit a patient appointment:

  2. Click on the appointment in your Calendar you want to Edit

  1. The Appointment Details window will appear, click the Edit button

  1. Here you can change the: Date, Time, Duration, Add/Remove Participants, Resend invitations, or Cancel the Appointment
  2. Click Save to accept the changes

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    • How do I resend an Invitation?

      Go to APPOINTMENTS Click the appointment in your calendar that you wish to resend an Invitation Click the Edit button Click the Resend link next to the Participant you wish to resend the invitation Not Receiving their Invitation? If your Patient does ...
    • How do I cancel a patient appointment?

      To cancel a scheduled patient appointment, click the appointment you want to cancel from the APPOINTMENT calendar. Click the Edit button. Click the Cancel Appointment button. Click Yes to confirm.
    • How do I view my past appointments?

      To view or search your Patient's appointment history: Click APPOINTMENTS Then, click the List View icon on the upper right-hand side of the appointment calendar Click the Appointments History tab to view all your past appointments. Searching for a ...
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      To create a patient: Click USERS Then, click the Patients tab Click CREATE PATIENT A small window will appear where you can enter the Patient's information (DOB is optional). In this window, you can also upload a photo of the Patient. Click the ...
    • How does a Patient cancel or reschedule an Appointment?

      Patients must contact their Provider to cancel or reschedule their Appointment.