Why am I not receiving my email invitations?

Why am I not receiving my email invitations?

Not all emails make their way to the inbox as they should.  Sometimes this is due to the length of time it takes to get from our Mail server to your mailbox, or the message simply goes to the recipient's Junk/Spam box.  Let's review some of the potential causes, and hopefully track down why you or your Patients are not receiving their messages:

Common Reasons for Not Receiving a Verification Email
  1. Spam or Junk Folder - Emails from HIPAA Video may be filtered directly into your email program's spam or junk mail folder.
  2. Typo - Check to make sure the email address was entered correctly. If not, update the participant's email address, re-add them to the appointment, and resend the invitation.
  3. Web Browser Needs a Refresh - Occasionally you may need to manually refresh your browser to check for new emails.
  4. Blocked or Bounced Address - If you tried to verify a specific email address but did not receive the verification email, your ISP or corporate domain may have blocked the email. Try inviting an alternate email address to see if that might be the issue.
  5. Email is Stored on Another Program - If you use a mail program such as Outlook and your mailbox is connected using IMAP, your desktop program may be downloading your messages and deleting them from your online mailbox.  This is more common than you may think.  Check your other mail program(s) for the missing invitation.
  6. Role, Group, or Alias Address - Check to see if your mail is being forwarded to any other address.
If you are still having difficulties receiving email invitations, please contact HIPAA Video Support or Submit a Ticket.
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