How is a Patient notified of a scheduled Appointment?

How is a Patient notified of a scheduled Appointment?

When an Appointment is scheduled for a Patient, an email notification from HIPAA Video will be sent to the Patient's email address on file. 

The Patient will then click the View Appointment Details button in the email where they will be redirected to HIPAA Video's login page to sign in to their account.
Is it your Patient's first time?
If this is the Patient's first time using HIPAA Video, they will be prompted to create a new password. Once they create their password, they will automatically sign-in to begin viewing their appointment. Download our Getting Started Guide below for Patients, or check out our Getting Started Guides article.

The Provider can also send the Appointment notification as an SMS (text message). The Patient will perform the same steps provided above after clicking the URL link in the SMS Appointment notification.

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    • How is my patient notified of a scheduled appointment?

      Patients are notified by Email or Text Message (SMS). While scheduling the Appointment, a Provider may choose whether to send only an Email or both Email & SMS.
    • How do I cancel a patient appointment?

      To cancel a scheduled patient appointment, click the appointment you want to cancel from the APPOINTMENT calendar. Click the Edit button. Click the Cancel Appointment button. Click Yes to confirm.
    • How does a Patient view Upcoming and Past Appointments?

      A Patient can view their upcoming and past appointments by logging into their HIPAA Video account. Once logged in, click APPOINTMENTS to view the Appointment calendar. Patients can view their previous or future appointments by clicking the arrows ...
    • How does a Patient cancel or reschedule an Appointment?

      Patients must contact their Provider to cancel or reschedule their Appointment.
    • How do I view my past appointments?

      To view or search your Patient's appointment history: Click APPOINTMENTS Then, click the List View icon on the upper right-hand side of the appointment calendar Click the Appointments History tab to view all your past appointments. Searching for a ...